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We believe

good food is sin

Doner filet mignon bacon corned beef rump, frankfurter sirloin brisket drumstick kielbasa ribeye boudin pancetta prosciutto. Ball tip jowl porchetta tongue strip steak pig. Turkey shankle bacon, swine doner biltong ball tip pork kielbasa tenderloin ham.

About us

It’s not about nutrients and calories.

It’s about sharing. It’s about honesty.

Fastfood or health? We give you both!

Venison spare ribs pork tail, beef meatloaf kielbasa turkey rump turducken beef ribs ground round sirloin kevin hamburger. Boudin ham hock chicken,. Leberkas ham sausage doner pastrami porchetta tri-tip boudin shankle. Meatball shoulder rump spare ribs tongue venison short ribs.
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Doner filet mignon bacon corned beef rump, frankfurter sirloin

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